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Lucinda's Everlasting Flower Seeds | Pink and White

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    Lucinda's Everlasting Garden Seeds - Rhodanthe Chlorosephala ssp. Rosea (Pink and White)

    Transform your garden with Lucinda's Everlasting Garden Seeds, featuring the stunning Rhodanthe Chlorosephala ssp. Rosea. These water-wise, bold, and beautiful flowers are perfect for any garden enthusiast looking to add vibrant, low-maintenance blooms to their outdoor space.

    Key Features:

    • Water-wise Flowers: Designed for efficiency, these flowers thrive with minimal water, making them ideal for sustainable gardening.
    • Bold and Beautiful Blooms: The striking pink and white flowers of Rhodanthe Chlorosephala ssp. Roseum add vibrant colour and elegance to any garden.
    • Easy to Grow: These seeds are perfect for gardeners of all skill levels. Simply scatter the seeds and watch them grow!
    • Australian Native Flowers: Proudly native to Australia, these flowers are not an environmental weed, ensuring harmony with the local ecosystem.
    • Long Flowering Season: Enjoy a long-lasting display of blooms from July to November, depending on the season.
    • Self-seeding Annuals: Everlastings are self-seeding annuals that will last for several years once planted. They require no further plantings once established.
    • Climate Tolerant Plants: These flowers are frost and drought tolerant, making them suitable for any climate.
    • Long-lasting Seeds: Lucinda's seeds are viable for at least 10 years, offering enduring beauty and value.
    • Seed Coverage: 10 grams of these seeds cover 10 square meters. Available in quantities of 10 grams (3000 seeds), 20 grams (6000 seeds), and 50 grams (15000 seeds).

    Versatile Uses:

    • Garden Bed Feature: Create stunning garden bed displays with the vibrant pink and white blooms.
    • Driveway Flowers: Line your driveways with these eye-catching flowers for a welcoming touch.
    • Pot Plants: Perfect for brightening up patios and balconies.
    • Road Verge Beautification: Ideal for adding beauty to road verges with their hardy nature.
    • Cut or Dried Flowers: Enjoy these flowers indoors as fresh cuts or dried arrangements.
    • Special Gifts or Souvenirs: These seeds make a unique and thoughtful gift for garden enthusiasts and a charming souvenir.
    • Fundraisers: Perfect for use in fundraising events, bringing beauty and support to good causes.

    How to Grow Everlastings: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Growing Everlastings is a rewarding experience, and with the right approach, you can ensure a beautiful bloom. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

    Step 1 – Site Selection

    Everlastings will thrive in most conditions, but for optimal growth, make sure your seeds have these two essential seedbed conditions:

    1. Reasonably well-drained soil: Avoid constantly water-logged areas.
    2. Access to sunlight: Ensure the area receives sunlight for at least part of the day.

    Everlastings are hardy plants that can tolerate extreme cold, frost, moderate waterlogging, heat, coastal, tropical, and low sunlight conditions. With proper irrigation, they can be planted year-round.

    Step 2 – Weed Control

    Controlling weeds is crucial for optimal germination and production. You can manage weeds in two ways:

    • Manually: Physically remove the weeds.
    • Chemically: Use a knockdown herbicide such as glyphosate before planting the everlasting seeds.

    After germination, a grass-selective herbicide can be lightly sprayed to control grass weeds. It’s worth delaying the planting of everlasting seeds until weeds are under control.

    Step 3 – Fertilising

    Everlastings thrive with a good all-purpose fertiliser. If your soil lacks certain nutrients, consider applying trace elements. However, Everlastings can remain productive even in limiting conditions without any fertiliser.

    Step 4 – Seed Application

    When applying seeds to the seedbed:

    1. Leave the seeds on the surface or lightly cover them with soil using a rake.
    2. Press the seeds into the soil (by rolling or trampling) to ensure good seed-soil contact. The sowing depth should be no greater than 5mm.
    3. Sow seeds at a rate of 1 gram per 1 square meter. Therefore, 10 grams will cover a 10 square meter area.

    Everlastings can be planted all year if irrigated properly.

    Step 5 – Pest Control

    Protect your seedlings from pests after planting by:

    • Using a knockdown pest management chemical.
    • Using residual control to provide extended protection after planting.

    By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to growing beautiful Everlastings in your garden. Happy planting!

    Experience the joy of effortless, long-lasting beauty with Lucinda's Everlasting Garden Seeds - Rhodanthe Chlorosephala ssp. Rosea. Order now and bring a touch of Australian charm to your garden!