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Rose - Bees Paradise Pink®

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Rose - Bees Paradise Pink® - Pre-Order - Oldboy&
Rose - Bees Paradise Pink® - Pre-Order - Oldboy&


Bee's Paradise Pink™ PBR 2021:

Enrich your garden with the soft pinks of this variety, perfect for attracting bees and adding a touch of romance.

The Bees’ Paradise Pink is an exceptional low-growing shrub rose, celebrated with multiple awards for its versatility in landscaping. Uniquely prostrate compared to its peers, it's a dream for gardeners: effortless to cultivate, remarkably disease-resistant, and forms a dense, rose-filled blanket ideal for mass plantings, borders, rockeries, and blending seamlessly into informal gardens alongside herbaceous plants and small shrubs, or even thriving in containers.

This variety stands out with its resilience, compact form, and unparalleled health, boasting abundant, continuous blooms or quick, repeated flowerings that create a vivid spectacle. The semi-double pink blossoms cluster together, opening to expose striking yellow stamens—a feast for the eyes. While deadheading is optional, it can encourage faster reblooming. Bees’ Paradise Pink reaches up to 60cm, adorned with glossy, dark green leaves, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Its accolades speak volumes, including the Gold Award and Best Rose at Bagatelle, Paris, France (2017), Best Patio Rose at Hradec Kralove Rose Trial, Czech Republic (2018), the ADR Award in Germany (2017), Best Patio Rose in Barcelona, Spain (2016), and a Certificate of Merit at the Le Roeulx Rose Trial, Belgium (2016), underscoring its exceptional qualities and making it a coveted choice for gardeners and landscapers alike.

  • Not Fragrant 🌸 - Height: 60cm - Breeder Rosen Tantau
  • Bare-rooted 1 YR OLD