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Growing Hippeastrums From Seeds | Oldboy's Flowers

To obtain Hippeastrum seeds from bulbs, it takes 3-4 years to mature and produce them. Hippeastrum seeds often comes from 'hybrid' bulbs. Which means crossbreeding, or put simply, pollinated from a nearby plant or gardener pollinated.
  • Seeds may produce plants that won’t be 100 percent similar to either parent plant. Instead, you might create a spectacular flower colour by sprouting and growing Hippeastrum seeds. Oldboy calls these CHAMPIONS!
  • Growing from seed is also cost-efficient as some bulbs are rare, and very expensive. This also offers an opportunity to hybridize something new and exciting.
  • Hippeastrum seeds come from pods, which take anywhere from four to six weeks to ripen. It’s best to let them go through the ripening process while still attached to the plant.
Ripe Pods
Filled within these pods are black paper-like thin seeds, the paper-thin coat protects the seed. This paper-like coating protects the seed and helps it to spread through the use of natural wind.
You will often hear the Hippeastrum community talk about "floating seeds". To float your seeds, select a container with a wide opening and fill it with water (tank water works best). Spread the seeds within the container, use a larger container for more seeds. A dinner plate can also work for more seeds. Set your container out of the sun, checking from time to time to ensure the water doesn't evaporate. After 1-4 weeks, you will see a root growing, once the root is 1 cm long you can safely plant it. (The root will end up swelling up to a tiny bulb) Or you can leave it in the water till the seed produces a green leaf.
Floating Seeds
You get good results also by planting the seeds into trays with good fertiliser. Liquid fertiliser is the key to success Oldboy says, you can get the liquid fertiliser he uses by clicking > here.
  • Compost or other organic matter can further enhance growth
  • Dampen the potting medium, it should be lightly moist and not soggy.
  • Place the seeds on top of the tray.
  • Once planted, Oldboy suggests using a sand bag or some sort of material to cover the seeds (to prevent wind blowing the seeds out and protect the seeds from the sun).
  • Don't be surprised if your mate asks why you are growing grass, because thats exactly what it will look like!
Continue to use liquid fertiliser throughout the process. We also recommend using a Soil tester to easily measure sunlight, soil moisture, temperature and soil pH. Our soil tester measures the 4 most vital statistics needed for consistant growing conditions of all kinds of indoor/outdoor plants. 
  • You can get the soil tester here.
It is cost-efficient to grow from seed as some bulbs are rare, and very expensive. Growing from seed offers an opportunity to hybridize something new and exciting.
You can plant them in a pot. Ensure 1/3 of the bulb is above the soil, as pictured below.
You can also plant them in the garden, spaced apart approximately 15cm-25cm apart. 
  • Hippeastrums Available Here.
  • Liquid Fertiliser is available Here.
  • Soil Tester is available Here.
If you have any comments, or questions, please comment below :)


sandy hewitt
sandy hewitt

What time of the year should we start our seed off. Is late summer ok?

Dorothy Lowe
Dorothy Lowe

Good morning experts, my family are always telling me I’m blind and shouldn’t be allowed near a computer, but I am going to order some lucky dips and was also hoping to order some Hippeastrum seeds. Do you sell any as I can’t find them to order. I had a few hippies about 20 years ago but moved house and life got in the way and would really like to start up a real collection now that we have acreage. I know it’s late in the season for bulbs but maybe not for seeds to keep me busy. Sincerely. Dorothy

Jenette Farr
Jenette Farr

I had grubs inside leaver of my hippeastrum, what do I use to get rid of grubs. Some leaver are still looking bumpy and or look not nice in healthy. Awell what fertilzer do I use and can u sergest the best potting mix for hippeastrum.

Barbara Bell
Barbara Bell

I have planted seeds from my own seed pods and they are coming along beautifully. Can you advise how many years it takes for a first flowering?



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