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The Benefits And Secrets Of Using Liquid Fertilisers | Oldboy's Flowers

Most people look at lawns and gardens and see only what is growing above the ground.

What most of us miss out on seeing, is the life that is teeming within the soil. This life is filled with bacteria and fungi as its corner stone – this is the key to healthy and abundant plants.

It sure is easy to look at a garden and its pretty flowers and think that the gardener has talent! That may play a part, however the main ingredient to better plants, better growth and flowers all lay within the soil!

Liquid Fertilisers restores the interconnected relationship between the soil, micro-organisms and plants. Using liquid fertilisers is a simple, easy to apply process that awakens dormant soil microbes, unlocking tied up nutrients and making them available. The result is healthy, aerated soil, rich in nutrients and robust plants that are healthy and more resistant to disease and pests.

One of the benefits of liquid fertilisers is that the liquid penetrates the soil immediately, plants are given faster access to the nutrients. Some plants will see results from this application almost immediately.

Farmers and gardeners use liquid fertilisers early in the season to ensure quick root growth and early development within the early beginnings of the plant. 

There are many types of liquid fertilisers and each has a role to play:

Seed To BloomMany of our gardeners have used this product and have noticed a substantial increase in the rate of growth within Plants and Bulbs. This has been specially formulated for fast growth of plants. If you have seedlings, or any plants within the seed to bloom stage, we highly recommend using this product.

You can get the Seed To Bloom Here.

Rejuvenator (biological activator) For Lawns/Garden

1. Increases microbial diversity & activity

2. Promotes plant growth

3. Promotes the root system

4. Decreases the susceptibility to insect/pest attack

5. Reduces the use of insecticides, pesticides and fungicides

You can get the Rejuvenator Here.

PH AdjusterFulvic acid contains some of the best natural bio stimulants, which are additives that improve the uptake of nutrients in both hydroponics and soil. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science, aiding in plant detoxification by lending itself to a healthier plant. The tests/trials in Canada have shown significant increases in crop yields when utilising pH Adjuster. 

You can get the PH adjuster Here.

Benefits of Healthy Soil

  • Rich in organic matter
  • Higher crop yield
  • Soil rich in nutrients and, robust crops that are less susceptible to disease and pests
  • Reduced costs for fungicides and pesticides
  • Greater water absorption and moisture retention
  • Soil that is less susceptible to erosion and runoff
  • Aerated soil that is not compacted and hard, reducing fuel costs and wear and tear on machinery
  1. Seed To Bloom      Click>>>>>>> Here.
  2. Rejuvenator           Click>>>>>>> Here.
  3. PH adjuster           Click>>>>>>>Here.

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