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Alfresco - Hippeastrums | Amaryllis - Pre - order - Oldboy&
Alfresco - Hippeastrums | Amaryllis - Pre - order - Oldboy&

Alfresco - Hippeastrums | Amaryllis - Pre-order

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    Alfresco - Hippeastrums | Amaryllis - Pre - order - Oldboy&
    Alfresco - Hippeastrums | Amaryllis - Pre - order - Oldboy&

    Product Details

    Hippeastrum 'Alfresco'


    • Height: 35cm
    • Width: 15cm
    • Supplied As: Dormant Bulbs
    • Bloom Size: Large blooms up to 20cm across
    • Cut Flower: Excellent choice
    • Fragrance: Yes, fragrant
    • Colour: Pure white petals with a slight ruffle and a green tinge towards the centre
    • Flowering Time:
      • Tropics: October/November
      • Subtropics: November
      • Cool regions: December/January

    Growing Zones: Suitable for all regions across Australia

    Planting Details:

    • Planting Depth: Leave the neck of the bulb slightly exposed
    • Spacing: 10cm between bulbs
    • Planting Season: July - October

    How to Plant:

    1. Location: Choose a site with full sun to partial shade.
    2. Soil Preparation: Ensure the soil is well-draining, light, and fluffy. Prepare the soil to a depth of 20cm.
    3. Planting Method:
      • Position the bulbs with the 'fat' end and roots down, and the neck slightly above soil level.
      • Space bulbs 10cm apart for a full display or further apart for a less dense appearance.
      • If planting in pots, use a high-quality, free-draining potting mix. Place gravel at the base of the pot to enhance drainage.

    Care Instructions:

    • Watering: Water regularly, especially during the active growing period, and reduce watering as the plant enters dormancy.
    • Fertilising: Use pelletised chicken manure and a balanced bulb fertiliser, applied annually.
    • Temperature: Protect from frost; ideal temperatures range from 15-25°C.
    • Naturalisation: These bulbs prefer to stay in the ground for multiple years and do not require annual lifting.
    • Additional Tips: Ensure the bulb is well-fed and watered up until winter dormancy. Avoid overwatering, especially in pots, by ensuring good drainage.

    Additional Notes:

    • Hippeastrum 'Alfresco' is a stunning new release with fragrant, large blooms perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any garden.
    • The stock offered are large, flowering-size bulbs with a viable root system, ensuring true-to-type flowers.

    Happy Gardening! Enjoy the exquisite beauty of your Hippeastrum 'Alfresco'!

    Pre-Order - Ready End Of July - August

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