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Freesias - Bedding Mixed - Oldboy&
Freesias - Bedding Mixed - Oldboy&

Freesias - Bedding Mixed

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    Freesias - Bedding Mixed - Oldboy&
    Freesias - Bedding Mixed - Oldboy&


    Embrace the charm of our Vibrant Freesia Bedding Mixed. These single-flower Freesias offer an array of stunning colours, ensuring your garden remains a visual and olfactory delight through the seasons.

    Product Specifications

    • Height: 20cm
    • Width: 10cm
    • Supplied as: Dormant bulbs
    • Plant Depth: 3cm
    • Plant Spacing: 5-10cm
    • Planting Window: April to July
    • Flowering Time: September to October
    • Growing Zones: Suitable for VIC, SA, TAS, NSW (excluding subtropics), and cool regions of QLD.

    Key Features

    • Rich Colour Spectrum: Our freesias come in brilliant blues, radiant yellows, and pristine whites, each chosen to stand out and captivate.
    • Blue Sensations: Particularly, the blue freesias are sensational, contrasting beautifully against typical garden greens.

    Cultivation Tips

    • Optimal Sunlight: Thrive in sunny spots with some afternoon shade to protect from harsh sun.
    • Soil Requirements: Prefer well-drained soil; keep moist, especially in pots to prevent drying out and halting bloom cycles.

    Special Attributes

    • Cut Flower: Yes - Freesia blooms are perfect for cutting, lasting up to three weeks in a vase.
    • Fragrance: Emphatically yes! Plant where their delightful fragrance can be fully appreciated, enriching your garden's sensory experience.

    Gardener's Tips

    • Naturalising: Bulbs are best left in the ground to naturalise. They require lifting for division only every three or four years.
    • Frost Care: In colder climates, protect with straw mulch or consider planting in pots.

    Enhance Your Environment

    • Aromatic Appeal: With their intense fragrance, Freesias transform any space into an aromatic haven, perfect for enhancing mood and beautifying settings.