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Salvia x guaranitica | Honeyeater Falls

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    Salvia x guaranitica | Honeyeater Falls - Oldboy&


    Introducing Salvia Honeyeater Falls, the worlds first groundbreaking Hanging Basket Salvia that redefines elegance and versatility. Specifically bred for hanging baskets or as a stunning focal point in flower borders, this Salvia x guaranitica boasts a unique, compact growth habit with cascading branches. Its large, deeply saturated dark blue blooms, complemented by striking black calyx, create a visual masterpiece.

    Versatile and adaptable, Salvia Honeyeater Falls is the perfect choice for hanging baskets, containers, garden borders, and expansive landscape plantings. Flourishing in full sun, this perennial (often sold as an annual in regions with harsh winters) reaches an optimal height of 12" to 24", with a generous spread ranging from 24" to 36".

    As a trailing "spiller," this Salvia not only showcases its exceptional beauty but also attracts pollinators, establishing itself as a top favorite among honeyeaters. With robust features such as heat tolerance, drought resistance, deer and rabbit deterrence, and even salt tolerance, Salvia Honeyeater Falls is a resilient and low-maintenance addition to any garden or landscape.

    Immerse yourself in the allure of Salvia Honeyeater Falls – a perfect blend of aesthetic charm and adaptability, making it an essential choice for enhancing your outdoor space.

    - Supplied in a 50mm pot