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Everlasting Daisy Fields

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Everlasting Daisy Fields - Oldboy&
Everlasting Daisy Fields - Oldboy&
Everlasting Daisy Fields - Oldboy&
Everlasting Daisy Fields - Oldboy&


Introducing Our Australian Everlasting Daisy Seed Bomb

Are you eager to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant native wildflower meadow filled with the beauty of Australia's best daisies? Our Australian Everlasting Daisy Seed Bomb is your ticket to effortlessly sow a spectacular garden. Crafted with care, these seed bombs contain 100% Australian clay and nutrient-rich compost, each one rolled with hundreds of Everlasting Daisy seeds. Get ready for a breathtaking native wildflower meadow right in your own backyard!

What's Inside:

1. 100% Australian Clay and Compost: We take pride in using locally-sourced Australian clay and nutrient-rich compost to create the ideal environment for your Everlasting Daisy meadow to thrive.

2. Diverse Daisy Species: This seed bomb contains a delightful mix of Australia's finest daisies, each adding its unique charm to your meadow. These species include:

  • Pink White Everlasting (Rhodanthe chlorocephala): Delicate pink and white petals that add an elegant touch to your wildflower display.

  • Dark Centre Everlasting: Daisies with a bold, contrasting dark center that stands out in your meadow.

  • Yellow Centre Everlasting (Rhodanthe chlorocephala): Sunny yellow centers that bring brightness to your landscape.

  • Golden Clustered Everlasting (Rhodanthe humboldtiana): A cluster of golden blossoms that creates a stunning focal point.

  • Pink Sunray Everlasting (Rhodanthe manglesii): Pink sunray petals that infuse a joyful spirit into your garden.

With this curated mix of daisy species, your garden will transform into a natural wonder, providing a vital source of sustenance for local pollinators and a stunning visual display for you to enjoy.

Why Choose Our Seed Bomb:

  • Effortless Gardening: Sowing wildflowers has never been easier. Simply toss or plant the seed bomb, water it, and watch the magic unfold.

  • Support Local Biodiversity: By cultivating native daisies, you are actively contributing to the preservation of Australia's diverse ecosystem.

  • Year-Round Beauty: Enjoy a continuous display of these Everlasting Daisies, as they bloom throughout the seasons.

Create a piece of native Australian beauty in your own garden with our Australian Everlasting Daisy Seed Bomb. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting your gardening journey, this product offers a simple and stunning way to connect with nature and add a burst of color to your outdoor space. Toss, plant, water, and watch your wildflower meadow flourish!

- Made In Australia