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Kangaroo Paw &
Kangaroo Paw &
Kangaroo Paw &
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Kangaroo Paw 'Regal Velvet' PBR - Anigozanthos x Hybrid

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Kangaroo Paw &
Kangaroo Paw &
Kangaroo Paw &
Kangaroo Paw &


Anigozanthos hybrid ‘Regal Velvet’

Regal Velvet is a resilient Kangaroo Paw variety known for its striking red flowers with green highlights that can grow up to 1.4 meters tall. This plant features dense, clean foliage that is highly resistant to ink spot and excels at outcompeting weeds.


- Flower Colour: Red with green highlights

- Height and Width: 50-60 cm high x 40 cm wide

- Foliage: Dense and clean, highly resistant to ink spot

Planting Density:

- Mass Planting: 3-5 plants per m²

- Linear Planting: 2-3 plants per linear meter

Uses: Ideal for mass planting, pots, and low-maintenance gardens or landscapes. For optimal low maintenance, it is best planted behind or between evergreen strappy leaf plants.

Position: Prefers a full sun position with well-drained soils or raised garden beds, and should avoid waterlogged areas. It tolerates both frost and drought conditions.

Care Instructions:

- Watering: Water as needed for the first 8-13 weeks until established.

- Mulching: Use chunky mulch to keep the garden well-mulched.

- Planting: Ensure the plant's crown or base is not buried below soil level.

- Fertilizing: Apply a native slow-release fertilizer in spring if needed.

- Maintenance: Trim older flower stems and cut back foliage every 1-2 years, unless planted among strappy leaf plants.

Suitability: This plant is suitable for regions including NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA, and QLD. In northern QLD, it tends to be shorter-lived (around 2-3 years) compared to a longer lifespan in southern regions.