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Lavender | Lavandula | Silver Lining Eternity

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    Lavender | Lavandula | Silver Lining Eternity - Oldboy&


    Silver Lining Eternity Lavender: A Stunning Blend of Beauty and Resilience

    Explore the exceptional qualities of Silver Lining Lavenders, thoughtfully bred and meticulously selected for their superior attributes.

    Key Features: Silver Lining Eternity Lavender stands out with its captivating aromatic silver foliage and vibrant magenta pink flowers adorned with lighter pink flags. This unique variety boasts a self-branching, naturally compact habit, allowing it to repeat bloom with flowers on each tip. Not only does it bring visual allure, but it also exhibits remarkable resilience, withstanding heat, humidity, and cold.

    Cultural: For optimal growth, plant Silver Lining Eternity Lavender in a sunny position with free-draining soil. Enhance its performance by fertilizing annually with a long-term slow-release fertilizer, ensuring a continuous display of its stunning features.

    Plant Landscape: Tailored for versatility, this lavender variety thrives in full sun and well-drained conditions, making it an excellent choice for pots. Its bee-attracting quality adds a delightful buzz to your garden. With a compact size of 60cm x 60cm, it seamlessly fits into various landscapes, bringing beauty and charm.

    Specifications: Once Grown

    • Max Height: 60 cm
    • Size: 60cm x 60cm

    Silver Lining Eternity Lavender is more than just a plant; it's a masterpiece designed to elevate your garden aesthetics with its unique features and unwavering resilience. Embrace the beauty and charm that Silver Lining Eternity Lavender brings to your outdoor space.

    - Supplied in a 50mm Pot - Small Plants

    Currently Growing To Arrive To You Healthier & Stronger!