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Ranunculus | Ranunculaceae

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    Ranunculus | Ranunculaceae - Oldboy&
    Ranunculus | Ranunculaceae - Oldboy&
    Ranunculus | Ranunculaceae - Oldboy&
    Ranunculus | Ranunculaceae - Oldboy&


    Australian gardens are about to be adorned with the enchanting beauty of the Primo Ranunculus collection. This trio, consisting of Primo Bianca, Primo Rosa, and Primo Rosa Chiaro, brings elegance and softness to any outdoor space or bouquet once in bloom. Perfect for gardeners down under, each variety offers its unique charm. Supplied as dormant bulbs.

    Primo Bianca - The Epitome of Purity 🤍

    Primo Bianca stands out with its pristine white petals, symbolizing purity and elegance. Ideal for creating a serene garden atmosphere or complementing any floral arrangement, this variety blooms into lush, full flowers that capture the essence of tranquility. Plant in a spot with full sun exposure to witness a stunning display from early to mid-spring.

    Primo Rosa - A Touch of Romance 🌹

    Embodying the classic beauty of a rose pink hue, Primo Rosa adds a romantic touch to your garden. Its richly coloured petals unfurl to reveal flowers that speak the language of love and beauty. This variety is a favorite for its versatility, blending seamlessly with both vibrant and pastel garden palettes. Full sun to partial shade ensures its flourishing beauty.

    Primo Rosa Chiaro - Light Pink Delicacy 🌸

    Primo Rosa Chiaro, with its light pink petals, offers a subtle hint of color and delicate charm. It's perfect for softening garden edges or adding a gentle pop of colour to mixed borders. This variety's ethereal beauty makes it a sought-after choice for weddings and special events, embodying grace and sophistication in each bloom. Thrives in full sun, showcasing its splendour from spring into early summer.

    Cultivating Your Primo Ranunculus Collection: 🏡

    • Location: Choose a sunny spot, as all three varieties flourish with ample sunlight.
    • Soil: Well-draining soil is crucial. Consider raising beds or incorporating sand if drainage is a concern.
    • Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged, especially during the blooming period.
    • Fertilizing: A balanced, slow-release fertilizer applied at planting will support vibrant blooms.
    • Climate Adaptation: These varieties are suited to a wide range of Australian climates. In cooler regions, consider mulching to protect against frost or starting bulbs indoors.

    Whether nestled in garden beds, bordering walkways, or enhancing bouquets, the Primo Ranunculus collection promises a breathtaking display of color and form. With proper care, these varieties will transform your garden into a haven of beauty, making every glance a testament to the enchanting world of Ranunculus.