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Lilium - Sarah Bernhardt - Double Oriental Lilium

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    Lilium - Sarah Bernhardt - Double Oriental Lilium - Oldboy&


    We are thrilled to introduce our vibrant Sarah Bernahardt Double Lilium - guaranteed to produce a stunning display in your garden or indoor space.

    These Liliums stand tall at 90-100cm height and spread out 15cm wide. We supply these as dormant bulbs, making them perfect for planting during the cooler months. They belong to the Double Oriental Lilium division, known for their exquisite, rose-like blooms.

    Planting Details:

    • Plant Depth: 5cm
    • Plant Spacing: 5-10cm
    • Planting Window: June - September
    • Flowering Time: October-February

    Suitable Growing Zones: Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland (excluding tropical regions), Western Australia.

    Not only do these Liliums add a pop of colour to your garden, but they also make excellent cut flowers. Their fragrance is divine, scoring a perfect 10/10 on our Fragrant Scale.

    The elegance of these cultivars is truly unmatched. They boast delectably double blooms, full of petals, that resemble roses.

    Care Instructions: Liliums are hardy and easy to grow. They thrive best in a full sun or part shade position, with well-drained soil. Prepare a hole to a depth of 25cm and make the soil loose and friable. Plant the bulbs with the root system downwards, allowing for approximately 5cm of soil to cover.

    Liliums have a dual feeding system. One root system establishes the flower stem, feeding the current season's flower. The second system comes from the bulb's basal plate, feeding the bulb directly and assisting in producing next year's flowers. Liliums can be fed at planting and repeat fed throughout their growing season. We recommend using Nitrophoska granule fertiliser alternating with sheep manure.

    If you plan to use the blooms as cut flowers, leave at least 1/3 of the stem length on the bulb. This ensures the bulb maintains its size to produce next season's flower.

    We believe these Double Liliums will add a spectacular touch to your garden or indoor space. Don't miss out on this delightful addition to your plant collection!

    Happy Gardening!