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Sedum hybrid | Desert Black

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    Sedum hybrid | Desert Black - Oldboy&
    Sedum hybrid | Desert Black - Oldboy&


    Desert Black Sedum is a striking plant known for its captivating features that make it a desirable addition to garden landscapes.

    Key Features:

    1. Dark Foliage: The plant showcases stunning dark foliage, adding a dramatic and elegant element to the garden. This feature contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal.

    2. Multiple Crowns of Flowers: Desert Black produces multiple crowns of flowers in the first year, ensuring a profusion of blooms that enhance the visual impact of the plant.

    3. Short Stems: With short stems, Desert Black maintains a compact and well-organized appearance, making it suitable for various garden settings.

    4. Beautiful Rose Pink Flowers: The plant graces the garden with beautiful rose pink flowers, creating a charming and colorful display that adds vibrancy to the landscape.

    Cultural Characteristics:

    1. Blooming Period: Desert Black blooms from late summer to early autumn, providing a late-season burst of color when other plants may be waning.

    2. Strongly Branched Habit: The plant features a strongly branched habit, contributing to its overall robust growth and well-structured form.

    3. Disease Resistant: Desert Black is known for its resistance to diseases, making it a low-maintenance and reliable choice for gardeners.

    4. 🐝 Abundance of nectar-rich dark pink flowers in late summer—a delightful late-season feast for bees and Butterflies as they prepare for winter. The plant undergoes a seasonal cycle, dying back at the end of summer only to return in the following spring, displaying enhanced growth.

    Plant Landscape:

    1. Contrast Between Foliage and Flowers: Key features of Desert Black include a great contrast between its dark foliage and the rose pink flowers. This contrast adds visual interest and depth to the garden.

    2. Tight Compact Form: The plant maintains a tight and compact form, making it a versatile choice for various garden designs. Its organized structure enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

    Size and Height:

    • Max Height: Desert Black reaches a maximum height of 20 cm, making it a compact and suitable choice for smaller garden spaces.

    • Size: With dimensions of 30cm x 20cm, this sedum is well-suited for different garden arrangements and can be easily incorporated into various design schemes.

    In summary, Desert Black Sedum is a visually stunning and practical plant with its dark foliage, profusion of rose pink flowers, and compact form. Its cultural characteristics, including disease resistance and a late blooming period, make it a valuable and low-maintenance addition to garden landscapes.

    - Supplied in a 50mm pot

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