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Philodendron - Pink Princess - Oldboy&
Pink Princess | Philodendron - Oldboy&
Pink Princess | Philodendron - Oldboy&

Pink Princess | Philodendron

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Philodendron - Pink Princess - Oldboy&
Pink Princess | Philodendron - Oldboy&
Pink Princess | Philodendron - Oldboy&


The Pink Princess Philodendron is here ready to add a beautiful touch of elegance and style to your home! This hardy, low maintenance plant comes with striking leaves in deep purple, burgundy, rich green and lightly flecked with pink hues. Make your outdoor space look lush by planting this gorgeous philodendron in the partly shaded area with well-drained soil. Or you can choose to keep it indoors in a warm spot of your choice - the possibilities are endless! What better way to add an eye-catching display without any fuss? And don't worry if you're not the most experienced gardener - these easy-care plants almost take care of themselves leaving you plenty of time to enjoy other pursuits. Just remember that beauty doesn't come without responsibility so be sure to give her enough water and light and she will reward you tenfold with her lovely foliage.

- The Pink Princess is supplied in 50mm pots.

Note - Variegation cannot be guaranteed for the current plants and future plants due to the random nature of how variegation works.


About The Pink Princess 


  • Frost Sensitive
  • Likes high humidity
  • Temps between 16 and 29 degrees c
  • Likes Part Shade
  • Well Drained Soil
  • The sections of leaves that are variegated lack chlorophyll that is needed for the plant to photosynthesize and make food from the sun’s energy. I.E the more variegation they have the slower they will grow.
  • A handful of hours of direct sun in the morning or afternoon , provided by east or west windows respectively would benefit.
  • Should reside immediately in front of an appropriate window. (SEE ABOVE)
  • WATERING- They like being on the moist end, but should be well drained.
  • Let the surface of the soil dry out before thoroughly watering again.
  • Try to avoid letting the potting mix dry out completely.
  • Don’t ever let it sit in water- let excess water drain away and discard of any sitting in the drain pot beneath.

RE-POTTING – 3 x parts potting mix,  1 x part Perlite – mix it up until you have a nice fluffy potting mix

FERTILISING- fertilise regularly during the growing months of spring and summer, stop during winter.

PROPOGATION-  1. Water prop : (node- where leaf meets stem) cut off one node and make sure it is under water make sure you have at least 1 or 2 leaves on the cutting. Roots will appear before long. You can transfer it into soil when it looks healthy enough.

  1. Soil Prop : you can put the cutting directly into soil make the soil mix half soil half perlite., making sure the node is buried under the soil. Don’t ever let the soil dry out.



My plant just came in the mail recently and it doesn’t look so good how can I save it ?

Variegated plants are just not as vigorous as non-variegated plants, and time spent in shipping can be hard on any plant. There are a few things that you should do and should NOT do when you first receive your plant in the mail.

DO’s: Unpack your plant as soon as you receive it and remove anything it was packaged in.

Feel the soil of your plant. If it is dry be sure to give it some water. Place your plant by a window, put away from any direct sun for at least a couple of weeks.

If you’ve received your plant bare root, pot your plant up in a good well drained potting soil, give it some water and place your plant in indirect light as described in the point above.

DONT’s: Don’t repot it right away! Wait at least 1 month before re-potting. Your plant is already stressed enough from being shipped in the mail, so you will be making matters much worse if you re- pot right away and for the same reason don’t fertilise for at least 1 month as well.

Your plant will need to go through a transition period and then you can follow the normal care.

My pink leaves are starting to turn brown, Why?

This can be caused by a variety of reasons. If there is any deficiency in plant culture the variegated leaves can turn brown.

Brown leaves can be caused by scorching from too much direct light, and from very dry air ( not humid enough) (keep your plants away from heating vents)

Too much and too little watering can also cause this so this makes for a difficult diagnosis, however the soil is usually a very good indicator.

If you have your plant in a pot that is far too big for the root system, the soil will take a long time to dry out and this can also cause brown spots on the leaves.

It is also normal for highly pink leaves to eventually turn brown because the plant can’t sustain them for too long.

Why are my leaves curling under?

Improper watering is most likely to blame. When you water you should water thoroughly until water escapes the drain holes. Then wait until the top inch or two dries out.

Why are my leaves yellowing ?

There are numerous reasons why houseplants leaves turn yellow. If you just received your plant in the mail don’t be surprised if your plant gets a yellow leaf or two. Be sure to follow the tips to transition your plants into your home slowly.

REMEMBER- to grow a beautiful house plant , you have to have the right combination of light, proper watering practices , a well drained soil, proper sized pots, and regular fertilisation.