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Aglaonema - Lucky Red - Oldboy&
Aglaonema - Lucky Red - Oldboy&

Aglaonema - Lucky Red

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    Aglaonema - Lucky Red - Oldboy&
    Aglaonema - Lucky Red - Oldboy&


    The Aglaonema Lucky Red, adorned with lush foliage in captivating shades of deep red and green, stands as a magnificent centerpiece for any indoor setting. Esteemed for its straightforward care requirements and vibrant appearance, it's an ideal choice for both avid plant lovers and novices.


    • Growth: Boasts a reach of about 25cm in height and a spread of 45cm within just 9 months, characterized by its clumping, upright growth pattern.
    • Leaves: The ovate leaves, acute in apex and base, dazzle with a red hue that softly fades towards the base, complemented by irregular blotches and green to yellow-green margins.
    • Flowers & Berries: It graces indoor spaces with its unisexual flowers on a spadix, which subsequently give way to fleshy red berries, adding intrigue to its already captivating presence.

    Care Guide:

    • Light: Flourishes in indirect bright light but is versatile enough to adapt to lower light conditions. Strive for 75% to 90% shade, ensuring about 1250 to 2500 foot candles of light for optimal growth.
    • Temperature: Ideal temperatures range between 20-25°C. It's critical to shield the plant from temperatures dropping below 13°C to prevent chilling damage.
    • Humidity: High humidity is vital for its well-being. Regular misting, grouping with other plants, or employing a pebble tray can help boost humidity levels efficiently.
    • Watering: In its growing season, water the plant generously once the top substrate layer dries out, reducing frequency during the autumn and winter months.
    • Fertilization: A bi-weekly fertilization regimen with alternating mineral and organic fertilizers is recommended during the growing season. Scale back to once every couple of months in fall and suspend in winter.

    Propagation & Common Problems: Spring or summer serves as the ideal time for propagation through separation of sections with leaves and roots. Be vigilant for pests like mealybugs and diseases such as Erwinia bacteria and Fusarium stem rot that can impact its health.

    Varieties & Visual Appeal: Beyond Lucky Red, the Aglaonema genus offers a plethora of stunning varieties like ‘Siam Aurora’ with its red and green leaves, ‘Red Anjamani’ featuring deep red heart-shaped leaves, and ‘Lady Valentine’ adorned with red, pink, and green leaves. Each variety presents unique leaf shapes and colourations, enriching your plant collection with diverse visual appeal.

    Opting for an Aglaonema Lucky Red or any of its vibrant relatives ensures a lush, visually stunning addition to your indoor garden that demands minimal upkeep. Their adaptability to varying light conditions paired with their striking appearance makes them a favored choice for enhancing indoor spaces with a splash of colour.

    - Supplied in 50mm Pots